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Knitting All The Way

August 3, 2014

It really is difficult remembering to keep working on the blog but I must be disciplined about it.

I have just uploaded a pattern to (I Love Canterbury Beret/Tam) and within 5 minutes had sold one, so pretty chuffed about that.

 cant 2

Pam is going great guns and has almost finished hers – probably has by the time I write this.


Last Thursday was the last Stitch and Knit before our August break and we had 21 lovely ladies plus 2 delightful younger ladies working on their loom bracelets (very trendy). It was a great but busy session as people were finishing things before the break etc and I was particularly delighted that Gill has almost finished her waistcoat – just ends to weave in and buttons to sew on. I found some lovely wooden ones for her and they will look fabulous.


Last weekend (which seems ages ago) I attended Fibre East in Ampthill, Bedfordshire. This suits me as my father lives in Bedford and I enjoyed it much more that Unwind as it was all on one site and not spread over several places around as in Brighton. There was so much to see there – almost too much as it is difficult to decide what to buy and you must buy something at these events! The following photos were taken there (the shots with very few people were taken before it started as workshop participants were allowed in early. In fact it was all incredibly well organised and I would recommend the event to everyone.



My lovely husband is a willing pack pony and enjoys looking at the looms and spinning wheels to see how they are made and work. He also was entertained by an Aussie sheep shearer demonstrating and entertaining the crowds while I attended a workshop with Ann Kingston, a Yorkshire designer and mega-knitter who has written several wonderful books.