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Blogging again

July 21, 2014

Well I have decided to resurrect my blog – I will duplicate the entries on , and on my website until I get more organised.


Yesterday (Sunday July 20 2014) saw several ladies gathering in Petham for a knitting workshop. The theme of the workshop was Fair Isle and, as usual, we covered the background history, techniques and tips, a practice piece and started a pattern designed by me. This time it was for a Fair Isle Tam (beret).

 cant 2

I strive to give value for money and for £40 the ladies enjoyed (I hope!) 4 hours of help and tuition and a kit containing 4 balls of Jamieson & Smith 2 ply Shetland yarn, 2 KA circular needles (which I sell on the website), a magnetic row marker, 10 stitch markers, loads of typed info sheets and the pattern. Of course I forgot to take any photos on the day.


I was amazed at how quickly everyone grasped and conquered two- handed knitting: continental with the left hand and English-style with the right hand. It’s all in the tension with which the working yarn is held. It took me a lot longer than them to master it.

 2014-07-16 12.50.13

Today has been sent trying to tidy away some of my workshop paraphernalia. I work in a very chaotic fashion with bits and bobs everywhere. I know where everything is but it does look a mess and must be sorted. The heat is too much for me so I didn’t get nearly as much done as I wanted to. I also need to sort out stuff for the September workshop before Stitch and Knit breaks up for the summer next week (July 31). It’s all about finishing and details can be found on the website.


Tomorrow I am off to the knitting group in the library, sorry…The Beaney! There were only a few last week and I assume that’s because of the summer holidays. Hopefully it will pick up again.


Thursday afternoon and I shall be back in Petham for Stitch and Knit which I absolutely love. Super ladies, great venue and delicious home cooked cake – where in Canterbury could you get home cooked cake and coffee for £4 plus companionship, chat and help with projects (don’t mention Waitrose – that’s just the coffee!).


I also need to work on projects that I am producing I collaboration with Sophie of Earthwire Shirts – we have exciting plans which are hush-hush at the moment.


There’s also a magazine submission that I would have like to work on but the days just rush by. Still at least this can be ticked off.

‘Til next time


Happy Knitting



ps C&H Fabrics (several branches in the south/south east) are running The Great Knitting Bee competition – check with your local store for details.